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Our Cows

Meet Harriet, Geraldine, Matilda, Josephine and Gertrude.

They are our foundation cows. You won't be eating them. You'll be eating their offspring but we guarantee that those offspring will live a completely unstressed, healthy life. They will not be branded or weaned prematurely. Neither will the bull calves be thrown down and castrated the old-fashioned way (we band at a very young age while the calf is standing up).

Every year we try to buy two more good cows. We now have Penelope, Mama Cass, Florence and Beulah. In addition we keep our best heifers every year. Three of our 2012 heifers are now expecting for Spring 2014, Betsy, Bell Cow and Patches. Cass's daughter, Esmerelda will be bred later this year and we've kept Josephine's daughter for 2015.

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